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Ellis Business Solutions has been providing the highest quality bookkeeping and accounting solutions to companies in the Ottawa area for many years. With years of continual education and skills, we provide professional-level accounting and perspective. Kimberly Ellis says “I see the whole picture, and then get down to the details. I look at a business from 30,000 feet and work to put all the pieces together. Each piece that I work on will add up to the big picture”.Managing a successful company of any size is challenging. Sometimes a business owner or their bookkeeper needs coaching and solutions to help the company reach full potential.Business owners are exceed at providing products and services, however, may not understand the complexities of payroll, accounting, or bookkeeping; in other situations, government mandated reports and remittances may be a big hassle and consumer of time.

Kimberly Ellis principal of Ellis Business Solutions is highly trained and brings a wealth of experience to our clients. She is a certified professional bookkeeper, holds a B.A. in Psychology and has 15 years practical experience in full-charge bookkeeping and accounting. She offers the services of bookkeeper/accountant coaching and solutions.

At Ellis Business Solutions, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed by simplifying matters for our clients. We are here to make it simple, so you can get down to business!

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