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Increase Profits | Improve Cash Flow | Reduce Taxes

Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Outsourcing the financial management for your company can make your day-to-day much simpler. Whether you have a new start-up or you own a well established business, we can keep things orderly for you. We can help your organization comply with rules, regulations, and government mandates that must be followed, and help you ensure that any deadlines are met.

How is Ellis Business Solutions More Than Just Bookkeeping?

Kimberly Ellis wants to empower her clients. How does she do this? By coaching clients to do their own basic bookkeeping, and then making sure the accounts reconcile and make sense on an either monthly or weekly basis; by helping companies streamline, and automate their financial processes, and cut way back on paper.

Kimberly also wants to make sure clients understand what the numbers mean. You’ll get a higher overview of your business, catch problems when they start, and be more profitable.

When your bookkeeping and accounting is in order, your business is in order.

For you, that means less wasted time and money, and much better sleep at night.

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Key Business Solutions

1. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Professional accounting and bookkeeping are just the beginning.

2. Payroll Services

Payroll is tricky and time-consuming. We can help!

3. Tax preparation

Keeping it all straight throughout the year will keep things simple at the end of the year. We don’t just prepare tax returns; we coach you throughout the year to help you stay on top of it all.

4. Cash Flow Reporting

Make your business decisions based on real numbers. Know where you stand, at all times.

5. Business Coaching

A little business coaching can help a company reach full potential. 

Kim Ellis came along during a transition of management. My bookkeeper and general manager had just left. Kim came in with an open mind, ready to learn a new accounting product, and a positive attitude.

It comforted me to know that everything would work out, and even be better in the long run

Kim has the ability to get things done with efficiency and ease. We greatly appreciate her work and work ethic.

I have had the pleasure of working with the principal of EBS, Kim Ellis, for the past three years. I have always found her to be knowledgeable, willing to help and eager to learn. Thank you, Kim, for your help over the years.

David Case, CPA, CA
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